Subject – B

Benefits – Employees Working for Multiple Archdiocesan Employers
Building and Renovation Policies and Procedures (General)
Building Department – Construction & Remodeling Policies (Detailed)

Subject – C

Catholic Schools

See:  Department of Catholic Schools (Sec. D)

Council of Priests (formerly Senate of Priests)

Subject – D

Department of Catholic Schools
Department of Catholic Schools – Financial Policies
Department of Catholic Schools (Miscellaneous)
Dependent Adult Care and Abuse Reporting

See:  Elder/Dependent Care (Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse – Mandated Reporting) E4

Subject – H

Human Resources

See:  Personnel P5, P6, P7

Subject – P

Parish Administration Handbook
Pastoral Marriage Preparation Policy
Policies and Guidelines (Parishes/Clergy)
Priest Personnel Policies

Subject – R

Real Property – Use of By Outside Organizations
Records Retention Policy
Reporting of Abuse

Document R4 intentionally omitted

See:  Policies and Procedures Regarding Child Abuse and Harassment C5; Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse-Mandated Reporting E4

Retention and Destruction of Records

Subject – W

Whistleblower Policy
Wrongful Termination of Employment/Insurance Coverage

Subject – Y